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The Hedera API Suite

A suite of APIs and developer tools that empower you to bring simplicity and efficiency to querying Hedera data

Whether you are a Hedera-native developer or just getting started, the Hedera API suite from Arkhia will help you build reliable, scalable dApps on the network.

The API suite is also available through the Google Cloud marketplace. We offer you flexibility in subscribing to our Hedera mirror node. If you have a Google Cloud account you can subscribe to Arkhia Hedera APIs through there.​

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Powering Infrastructure, Enterprise, and Applications

Connecting the ecosystem

Through the Arkhia API suite & web-based GUI, developers can effectively create services on DLT for mission critical applications.

Developed for enterprise

Arkhia creates scalable & modular tools so that teams spend time building dApps while Arkhia enables the infrastructure.

Designed for developers

Arkhia offers scalable solutions and reliable support needed to ensure mission critical services don’t fail when you need it the most.​

Empowering Web3

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