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The enterprise-grade infrastructure, APIs, and platform solutions to start building on Hedera today.

Assess your building options and reduce build times with ease by using this tool to instantly view data schemas on the Hedera mirror node.

WorkBench grants developers and executives insights into the formatting and parsing of data that is sent through the Hedera network. Debugging is also simplified because data calls can be visualised entirely to help avoid costly errors. With WorkBench, Arkhitects can cultivate a streamlined building process as it allows large bundles of data to be broken into small, easy-to-manage bits on the Arkhia dashboard.

Watchtower was designed to provide an array of important features to reduce development times and help catalyse the rate at which businesses can release new software. It also enables subscribing to HCS through WebSockets by automatically translating HTTP2 to HTTP1.

Key Benefits

  • Automatically translates HTTP2 to HTTP1.
  • Increase security in preventing low-level access to gRPC API.
  • Easily subscribe to HCS Topics through WebSockets.

Key Use Cases

  • Use HTTP1 to build applications such as NFT marketplaces.
  • Streamline notifications from applications to users.

API Services

Arkhia provides enhanced APIs such as streams, subscriptions, and queries to create scalable solutions and simplify development on your stack.

When querying with the REST API, combine a standard set of URLs with adjustable variables to always make the most of each data request. Hedera accounts, balances, tokens, NFTs, smart contracts, and more are all promptly searchable with the REST API on Arkhia.

Key Benefits

  • Up to 2x data per call than other standard mirror node solutions.
  • Access to all data since the genesis of the Hedera network.

Key Use Cases

  • Query the Hedera public network.
  • Deploy smart contracts on Hedera.

The Hedera JSON RPC Relay streamlines the process of deploying, querying, and executing smart contracts on Hedera for Arkhitects familiar with Ethereum.

Key Benefits

  • Ethereum tooling for Hedera dApps.
  • Can gain access to Hedera network using EVM-compatible networks.

Key Use Cases

  • Connect MetaMask to the Hedera network.
  • Deploy Ethereum-based tools on Hedera.

The gRPC enables dApps and developers to subscribe to HCS topics and listen for messages that are broadcasted downstream. Consensus, finality, and integrity of the data are never compromised.

Key Benefits

  • Subscribe to Topics & Channels.
  • Devs can “listen” for information rather than “ask” the network for data.

Key Use Cases

  • Track the temperature in a city every half hour.
  • View blockchain gaming scores.
    Monitor specific ID’s & get notified every time one makes a transaction.

The Arkhia API allows you to interact with the tooling & services on top of Arkhia infrastructure. Through a simple, safe authentification mechanism, any paid tier user can call key operations & check the status of our nodes in real time.

The Arkhia Events API enables you to receive email and webhook notifications based on changes in account balances, values in smart contracts, and more.

Key Benefits

  • Real-time notifications on wallet balance changes
  • Real-time notifications on value changes within smart contracts

Use Cases

  • Wallet Tracking
  • Liquidity Monitoring

Start building today with Arkhia’s enterprise-grade Infrastructure, APIs, and Platform Solutions.

More features to keep you running

Arkhia is the one-stop-shop where users can quickly find critical data such as Hedera network response time, total requests, mainnet usage percentage, and invalid network requests. The Arkhia dashboard conveniently guides users to specific areas of their projects to gain in-depth analysis.

Access the dashboard here:

The Arkhia Explorer allows users to easily search for addresses, transactions, tokens, contracts, and topics on Hedera. It can also be used to get real-time statistics about the state of $HBAR, its market cap, circulating supply, and more. Arkhia’s Explorer has you covered as you search through the Hedera network.


Visit the explorer here:

View the real-time status of the different APIs, the Arkhia Dashboard, Arkhia’s Explorer, and more. Arkhia also provides a summary of the total percentage of network uptime over 24-hour, 7-day, 30-day, and 90-day time periods. With the Arkhia status page, you’re always in the know.

View Arkhia's status here:

Our customer support is available on all paid plans to help remedy outstanding issues Arkhitects may face as they build. We remain committed to staying updated on the latest information about Hedera and the developer community to quickly resolve any trouble.

Contact us here:

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