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The Arkhia Explorer provides a comprehensive view of Arkhia's enterprise-grade mirror node on Hedera.

Through leveraging Arkhia's robust and reliable RPC endpoints, the Arkhia explorer can effortlessly pull specific data from the Hedera ledger for personal or project use.

What data can you see via the Arkhia Explorer for Hedera? See below for easy access to:

Dashboard: An overview of the latest activity on Hedera and the place to search for specific information.

Transactions: A live feed of all HTS & HCS transactions on the Hedera network.

Tokens: See the latest fungible and non-fungible tokens created on Hedera.

Topics: A live list of Topics along with decoded information of their messages and metadata information

Account: All accounts on Hedera and their balances.

Contracts: Allows you to search and see the info of the live smart contracts on Hedera.

Nodes: Available Governing Council Nodes along with metadata & staking data

Blocks: Block related representation of Hedera for easier communication with blockchain-related protocols

Metrics: Real-time & historical data for key network metrics on Hedera

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